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Nuestra Película

Diana Bustamante - 2022 

Nuestra Película is a revisit of those to draw a generation of images and apathy. This collage of images, repetitions, and memories, built through the intervention of the Colombian news archive during the 80s and 90s, is, at the same time a personal journey of my childhood in the middle of these memories; It reconstructs a story linked to a generation, a generation that grew by normalizing violence through those same images. 

Colombia / France - 2022

Length: 73:00
Genre: Documentary

Script and direction: Diana Bustamante

Production: Burning

Coproduction: Dublin Films

Editing: Sebástian Hernández

Sound design: Waldir Xavier 

Investigation: Yeily Antonio / Juan Sebastian Uribe

                      / Diana Bustamante

VFX: Juan Manuel Betancourt

Mix: Christophe Vingtrinier



  • MIDBO: 24º Bogotá International Documentary Exhibition, Official Selection, National Premiere. Bogotá, Colombia. 2022

  • DOCNY 13º, Kaleidoscope Competition, International Premiere, New York, United States. 2022

  • ZINEBI: 64º The Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival, Official Selection, European Premiere, Bilbao, Spain. 2022

  • Cinema of Havana: 63º International Festival of New Latin American, Official Selection, Habana - Cuba. 2022 

  • Santo Domingo Global Film Festival, Official Selection, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 2023. 

  • Cinélatino: 35º Rencontres Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse, Selection Focus: Colombian contemporary cinema, Toulouse, France. 2023. 

  • Al Este International Film Festival, Official Selection, Ibero-American Non Fiction, Lima, Peru. 2023 

  • BAFICI: Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, Official Selection, Políticas Section, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2023. 

  • Philadelphia Latino Film Festival, Official Selection, Los Features Program, Philadelphia, United States. 2023 

  • FICUNAM: International Film Festival of the UNAM, ATLAS Selection, Mexico D.F. 2023

  • Documenta Madrid, Official Selection, International Competition, Madrid, Spain. 2023


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