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El Vuelco del Cangrejo

Óscar Ruiz Navia - 2009

In a remote town of the Colombian Pacific coast called La Barra, Cerebro, leader of the afro-descendant community of the town, has strong disagreements with El Paisa, a powerful landlord that intends to build a new beach hotel. Daniel, a strange and quiet man from the city, arrives one afternoon to the town and stays for some days, as he waits for a boat that can take him out of the country. Forced to stay, he will be involved in the struggle of a town that resists against the arrival of progress and the threat of disappearing.

Colombia / France 2009

Length: 84:00
Genre: Fiction
Language: Spanish 

Script and direction: Óscar Ruiz Navia

Production: Contravía films

                    Diana Bustamante     

                    Arizona Films 

                    M Films


Director of photography: Sofia Oggioni, Andrés Pineda

Cast: Rodrigo VélezKarent Hinestroza  / Arnobio Salazar

Production designer: Marcela Gomez Montoya


  • Berlin International Film Festival - Berlinale, Winner of the Forum Award of the  FIPRESCI Jury, Berlin, Germany. 2010 

  • Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema - BAFICI, Winner of the FEISAL Award for Best Film from a Latin American Filmmaker under 35, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2010

  • Fribourg International Film Festival, Winner of the E-Changer Award and Nominee for the Grand Prix for Best Film, Fribourg, Switzerland. 2010 

  • Gramado Film Festival, Winner of the Critics Award for Best Latino Film, Gramado, Brazil. 2010 

  • Cinema of Havana: International Festival of New Latin American, Winner of the Special Jury Award for Best First Film, Habana, Cuba. 2009

  • Las Palmas International Film Festival, Winner of the Best First Time Director Award, Las Palmas, Spain. 2010. 

  • Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF, Official Selection, Discovery Section, Toronto, Canada. 2009

  • Cartagena Film Festival - FICCI, Nominee for the Golden India Catalina for Best Film, Cartagena, Colombia. 2010


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