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La tierra y la sombra

César Acevedo - 2015

Alfonso is an old peasant who returns after 17 years to his home place because his only son, Gerardo, is suffering from a serious illness. Returning to the region, he discovers that everything that he once knew is no longer the same, and his family is about to be moved because of an invisible threat which runs through the vast maze of sugarcane, filling everything with signs of destruction and death. In the face of these difficulties, Alfonso does everything he can to get closer to his community before it is too late and to save what remains, even if it means erasing all traces of their existence.

Colombia / France / Netherlands / Chile / Brasil2015

Length: 90:00
Genre: Fiction

Script and direction: César Acevedo

Production: Burning Blue (en liquidación),

                   Ciné Sud Promotions,

                   Preta Portê Filmes 

                   Topkapi Films

Director of photography: Mateo Guzmán

Cast: Haimer Leal / Hilda Ruiz

              Edison Raigosa / Marleyda Soto

Production designer: Marcela Gómez Montoya



  • Cannes Film Festival, Winner of the Caméra d’Or, the France 4 Visionary Award, the Grand Golden Rail and the SACD Award; Nominee for the Grand Prix, Semaine de la Critique, Cannes, France. 2015

  • San Sebastian International Film Festival, Winner of the Horizontes Award for Best Film produced totally or partially in Latin America, San Sebastian, Spain. 2015 

  • Lima Latin American Film Festival, Winner for Best Cinematography, Lima, Peru. 2015

  • Mumbai Film Festival, Special Jury Mention for Achievement in Directing and Nominee for the Best International Film, Mumbai, India. 2015

  • AFI Fest, Nominee for the Audience Award of New auteurs, Los Angeles, United States. 2015

  • Munich Film Festival, Nominee to the Cinevision Award for Best Film by an Emerging Director, Munich, Germany. 2015

  • Jerusalem Film Festival, Nominee for the FIPRESCI Prize for the Best International First Film, Jerusalem, Israel. 2015

  • Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Nominee for the International Jury Award for Best Film, Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2015


Still04 LTYLS.jpg
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