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Fernando Guzzoni - 2016

Santiago, Chile. Jesús is in search of his identity. He dances with a Korean pop group and likes hanging out in public parks with his friends. He doesn’t go to school or have a job. Since his mother died he lives with his father, Hector, in an apartment where the tv covers up their inability to communicate. One night, Jesús opens up to his father and confesses his involvement in an irreversible event. This shared knowledge forces them to join together for the first time. Hector tries to protect and help his son, but keeping the secret begins to eat away at him.

Colombia / Chile / France / Germany / Greece - 2016

Length: 85:00
Genre: Shortfilm - Fiction
Language: Spanish 

Script and direction: Fernando Guzzoni

Production: Burning

                      Quijote Films 

                      JBA Production,                                   


                      Graal Films

Director of photography: Barbara Alvarez 

Cast: Nicolás Durán, Alejandro Goic, Gastón Salgado



  • Torino Film Festival, Winner of the Prize of the City of Torino for Best Actor and Nominee for Best Feature Film. Torino, Italy. 2016 

  • Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF, Official Selection, Discovery Section. Toronto, Canada. 2016

  • San Sebastian International Film Festival, Nominee to the Golden Seashell and the Sebastiane Award. San Sebastián, Spain. 2016

  • Mar del Plata Film Festival, Nominee for Best Latin-American Film, Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2016

  • Filmfest Hamburg, Official Selection. Hamburg, Germany. 2016 

  • Thessaloniki Film Festival, Nominee for the Golden Alexander Award. Thessaloniki, Greece. 2016   


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